ignitor 2.0 | Session Topics

This 4-week program is designed to help better define your business.

Tackle the hard questions and tasks that push you towards building a solid foundation.

Session 1: Value Proposition

Why would a customer choose your produce or service over competitors? This session will help you determine what sets you apart and define what benefits will help your business stand out in specific markets.

Sessions 2 & 3: Customer Validation

Dive deeper into customer validation by learning about and seeking out important feedback users have while testing your prototype. This will help you determine if customers value the solution your product or service provides and any pivots that may need to be made.

Session 4: Business Model

Plan out and create a complete overview of your company’s strategy, partnerships, customers, revenue streams, cost structure and more. Highlighting all of the key strategic factors and activities of the business will help you pave a path forward.

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ignitor is an entrepreneurial accelerator through Wichita State University Office of Innovation and New Ventures and is funded in part by an EDA grant.