Cutting-edge technology matched with the know-how to get it to market! 

Wichita State University is excited to announce our Matchmaking Program – connecting savvy entrepreneurs and businesses with groundbreaking ideas and opportunities.  

This program will offer marketplace-shaping technologies to entrepreneurs, investors, or companies – plus the support they need to commercialize the idea and get it out of our campus and into their customers’ hands.

Featured Technologies

Review any 3D model in an efficient, collaborative, and precise way

Protect the nail bed and encourage healing and healthy nail re-growth

Automate cleaning your factory or warehouse of Foreign Object Debris


Getting on board is easy!! Head to and search “Wichita State University’s Matchmaking Program” under Competitions. If you see a technology you like, the software will lead you through the application process.  

Accepted plans receive a 6-month, royalty free development license to their chosen technology, resources and relationship support from Wichita State University, and, in the end, the chance at a full commercial license to take your new product or service to market!  

Brought to you by Wichita State University’s Office of Technology Transfer and Commercialization. We exist to get the technology of tomorrow into your hands today!

There will be more Matchmaking offerings to come – so keep your eyes out! You won’t find this anywhere else…

See you at the intersection of technology and opportunity!