The Customized Playbook for Accelerating a Startup’s Growth.

Focused on tech-enabled businesses with product in market seeking paying customers, this proven, individualized program offers local workshops and coaching. Founders will also receive access to strategic resources through bi-weekly workshops. 


A targeted program to activate a rich knowledge network and forge relationships between Kansas startups and established enterprises.

A curated group of ‘Corporate Colliders’ share how their teams think about working with vendors and collaborators at various stages and recommend best practices for engagement.


NXTSTAGE: Pilot Competition, 3 tracks

  • Fintech (2021 Winner)
  • Community Health and Vibrancy
  • Locally Focused

Customer Traction Cohort

  • Locally-focused accelerator program with specific topics on helping folks validate and test their go-to-market plan.

Accelerate Venture Partners: local angel group dedicated to mobilizing early stage capital in the region

Capital Course: bootcamp / course specifically dedicated to getting founders an understanding of capital options, expectations, prepped and ready, and resources needed

At NXTUS, Inc, we are a catalyst for the region’s startup ecosystem. At our essence, we serve as a nexus for entrepreneurs, investors, corporate partners, and the community at-large.

Our primary aim is to achieve the ‘next us’ by growing startups, strengthening innovation culture and building support systems.